Jewelry care

Guiot de Bourg and silver 


Silver is a precious metal, a present to man from nature. Man has been extracting silver for the past 5000 years for its natural brilliance and neutral color, found in all materials and fabrics. Since its probable discovery in Anatolia, this metal holds a high prestige in societies from what the Romans called the Greek world, then in the Near East. It fuels the greed of empires, from ancient Rome to the Spanish golden age. Its exploitation, flourishing over the centuries, reaches 23,000 tons a year today, a tiny portion of which arrives in our workshop, located in rue des Gravilliers, in the historically commercial and jeweler district of the Marais in Paris, France. Perfect using a polishing tower dating back to 1890, the silver is subject to only the best treatments.


Cleaning tips


Time has a lot less grip on silver in comparison to other metals like gold. However, it may darken slightly.

To make sure your silver shines, it is recommended to rub it gently with toothpaste and water and then dry with a clean cloth or a chamoisine.

It is important to keep silver jewelry in a dry place and not to store it in a box. Having pockets, cases or chests for this purpose ensure the jewelry is best resistant to scratches.