Born in 1905, GUIOT DE BOURG specializes in the creation of luxury sterling silver jewelry.




GUIOT DE BOURG was born in 1905 from the fingers of a specialist goldsmith. Sixty years later, in 1965, his daughter began specializing in the creation of silver jewelry. It was in 2004, after having worked for more than 30 years as sales assistant then sales representative for Guiot de Bourg, that Chantal Mathieu purchased the firm, which then moved in 2010 to 119 rue du Temple.

GUIOT DE BOURG jewelry is French made: whether it be those made in the company's workshop, in the neighboring street, or those coming from trading, it is the French know-how that is being reproduced in every piece of jewelry.




Chantal Mathieu, who designs them tall year round, designs the brand’s luxury silver jewelry all year round. The company renews its other collections every three or four months in order to always propose something new. The bracelets, necklace, rings and earrings are a sort of alliance of quality and creativity. The company trades in the same way as with Made in France so as to supply a varied range and propose the best quality to price product. 

Silver is not the only material used in the heart of the old Parisian workshop: the company boasts leather and shagreen ranges in its classic and timeless collections, bringing together leather and metal pieces.




GUIOT DE BOURG exhibits new creations twice a year at Bijorhca. You can find our jewelry throughout the year in our showroom reserved for professionals at 119 rue du Temple.

Today, Guiot de Bourg has four hundred resellers throughout France, but is also present in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Russia, the United States, Canada and the French Overseas territories.

GUIOT DE BOURG bought the ENOMIS brand in 2015 and offers a free after-sales service for both brands.