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    Guiot de Bourg x IKKU: Online Sales of sterling silver jewelry men collections

    IKKU pronounced "eeku", is a jewellery brand exclusively dedicated to Men. We provide a complete range of masculine jewellery and accessories such as bracelets, bangles, leather bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, pendants and cufflinks.

    The IKKU’s male universe is a mix between tradition, thanks to the centuries-old knowledge of our silversmiths and modernity, by using the very last technical processes regarding the creation, the manufacturing and the finishing of all our jewellery. On the other hand, we also pay a close attention to the selection of the materials, such as the semi-precious stones (onyx, tiger eye, lapis-lazuli, amethyst, hematite) used to produce our “Beads Boys” collection, as well as the leather used for the “leather and silver” collection.

    IKKU means in Japanese « to come, to go forward», which matches with our philosophy and willingness to bring some authenticity and originality into the world of the jewellery for Men, without being pretentious but just with the desire to satisfy our Gentlemen costumers.


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